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Taking the step of building your own home means home-owners have to take several decisions. It does not matter if you have a turnkey project built for you or if you are managing the construction project. The decisions you make will determine how you and your family will live in the coming years. In addition to these major decisions, the journey to attain the house of your dreams involves major financial investment. As such, aspects such as the integrity and durability of the building should be at the top of the priority list when planning the construction. However, the roof is often not the main priority for home-owners, although it is considered the crown of the home and protects it for a number of years.

8 reasons to choose a sloping roof covering

The geometry of the roof covering is decisive for the style of the house. However, the decision to use a sloped or flat roof should not be made solely on the basis of visual considerations. Many of the benefits of a sloped roof covering relate to its physical attributes and are, therefore, obvious.

Higher degree of protection against climatic influences
The physics is simple: water runs off from the surface of sloped roofs towards the outer gutters due to gravity. The rainwater is then carried by the gutter, usually of metal.

The rule is that the steeper the roof is, the faster the water drains. That being said, sloping roofs offer significantly better protection against rain, snow and hail.

Greater protection against winds and storms
A sloping roof covering with ceramic tiles protects against moisture penetration during exposure to wind and bad weather. This protection function is achieved by the excellent fit in ceramic roof tiles.

When combined with high quality sub-tiles, water does not reach the interior of the building.
Thanks to specially designed protection against strong wind, such as special clamps that secure the tiles to the slats, sloped roofs have an excellent storm performance.

Expansion of living space through converting the attic
Sloping roofs offer space directly under the roof. The useful living space can be created from spaces in the roof.

A roof space can also be developed later. Inclined roof coverings offer flexibility in life and family planning. The roof spaces are often used as offices or rooms for children and have a special charm due to the interior slopes.

Long life with low maintenance expenses
As a general rule, sloped roofs have longer durability than flat roofs. Ceramic roof tiles have a life expectancy of more than 50 years. In addition, UMBELINO MONTEIRO offers guarantees of 30 to 50 years, depending on the range.
Damage to sloped roofs is observed more quickly and repairs are usually easier and cheaper to do. 
In the long run, the acquisition and maintenance of a sloped roof is more economical compared to flat roofs.

Greater protection against cold and heat
Generally speaking, sloping roof coverings have two layers, which brings insulation benefits and ensures a more pleasant indoor climate. In winter, a well-insulated roof keeps the cold outside and ensures that the interior remains cosy and warm.
In summer, on the other hand, roof construction protects against overheating.
In turn, flat roofs are usually a single-layer construction.

Better soundproofing and noise protection
The ventilated double-layer design in combination with good insulation provides protection against environmental noise, such as aircraft noise and traffic noise as well as wind and rain noise. In contrast to a flat roof, rain does not reach the roof surface vertically.
This results in a calmer atmosphere and a more relaxed sense of space.

Healthy indoor climate thanks to ventilation
Coated sloped roofs such as ceramic tiles are simply constructed so that they are open to the diffusion of water and so as to allow water vapour arising from household activities to escape upwards.
In addition, the ceramic roof tiles allow a rapid absorption of the water during the rain, returning it back to the environment. The ventilated construction creates a pleasant indoor climate and protects against the formation of mould and damages.

Easy installation of photovoltaic and solar systems
Sloping roofs help with the installation of photovoltaic and solar thermal energy systems for the recovery of renewable energy in buildings occupied by their owners.
The ideal angle of incidence in sloped roof coverings guarantees maximum energy recovery. These modern systems can also be adapted without expensive work with UMBELINO MONTEIRO ceramic roof tiles.

Geometry of roof coverings

Sloping roof coverings are not all the same. In addition to the much used two-way broken-pitch roof, there are other forms of roofing, such as the single pitch roofs (Portuguese shed), the four-way broken-pitch roof or the pavilion configuration. The roof constitutes about 2 thirds of the structure of the building and its constructive style has strong impact on the structure of the building. However, the different forms of roofing vary not only in appearance, but also in terms of use of living space, costs and features. In addition to personal preference and the building’s style, local building regulations should also be taken into account when choosing the shape of the roof.


Mansards increase the living space, bring light to spaces with sloping ceilings and provide natural ventilation in attics. Even mansards can be of different types and shapes, and these have an impact on the appearance of the roof and the house.


The roof protects the building and masonry from environmental and climatic influences. It must be resistant to wind, moisture, solar radiation and extreme temperatures. There are several materials that can be considered for coverage. Ceramic roof tiles, metal solutions made from materials such as aluminium, copper, zinc, slate or other natural stones, fibre cement or even green roofs. However, the big question that must be taken into account when choosing the material is: Could this material over another be able to cope with various situations during its useful life? In fact, not all materials are suitable for all locations or for all types of buildings. 
UMBELINO MONTEIRO has the right solution for each project.

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UMBELINO MONTEIRO offers not only solutions for roof coverings. UMBELINO MONTEIRO designs to produce your dream colours. Be inspired... by our wide selection of colours for ceramic roof tiles.

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Which factors influence the cost of the roof covering?

New roofing constructions require careful calculations, depending on the design, roofing materials, and workforce. After all, no two roofs are alike. 
Relevant factors are the roof area, the amount of material and the insulation, as well as the possibility of state aid and other criteria. In this way the planning of a roof covering should consider and evaluate many issues.
-What is the geometry of the roof? ( the single pitch roofs (shed), two-way broken-pitch roof, four-way broken-pitch roof or the pavilion configuration) 
-What kind of roofing material was chosen - high-quality ceramic roof tiles or low-cost metal solutions with short useful life? 
- Will it require a customized production or will the extensive range of UMBELINO MONTEIRO products suffice?
- Should local environmental characteristics, such as the need to protect against snowfall, be taken into account?
In addition to the cover material, the use of accessories and components is also reflected in the cost calculation. By looking closely, a greater initial investment in material can be quickly amortized with intelligent planning that also serves to maintain the value of a new aesthetic.
What should be taken into account is that effective planning costs include not only the use of the roofing material, but also includes all aspects of the complexity desired for the shape of the roof, something to be discussed with the company that will carry out the roofing work.

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