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The pitch of the roofing of the project or work is an important element that should always be checked. The minimum slope is always set according to local conditions, climatic zone and exposure.
The minimum slopes expressed in the "Slope Table" must be observed, otherwise the functionality of the roof will be compromised. 
Insufficient slope can in itself lead to serious problems of roof performance, roof maintenance and all support, such as:
- The non-watertightness of the roof and consequent infiltration of water.
- Accumulation of dust, leaves and other debris on the exterior surface of the roof.
- Increase the drying time of the tiles. 
- Favour the development of lichens and mosses on the outer surface of the tile and an early ageing.
- In cold areas, subjecting the tile to unnecessary ice-ice cycles.
- Aesthetic disfavour of buildings, disproportionate volume.
In roofs where it is not possible to adhere to the recommended minimum slope, additional waterproofing measures, such as the use of sub-tiles, screens or other materials, to increase the longitudinal and transverse covering space between tiles and the increase of ventilation areas.
In regions with mountains or with severe climatic conditions, the design and assembly of ceramic tile roofs must take into consideration the wind, the snow and the range of temperatures. All these elements must be subject to a specific analysis and project.

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