Undecided on the choice of materials for your project? UMBELINO MONTEIRO puts its project first. In this sense, it is part of UMBELINO MONTEIRO's mission to provide architectural solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.
Whether in a traditional way or in a more avant-garde manner, UMBELINO MONTEIRO has the necessary know-how to offer you the most suitable construction solution.


The experience and technical ability of UMBELINO MONTEIRO has enabled it to develop products for more complex projects. Unique products that allow you to keep the original design or give your project boldness. 


The wide variety of shades and finishes, from natural to glazed, offer an endless list of combinations, and so help, along with quality, rigour and taste, to ensure the most popular roof covering architectural tradition throughout Europe.


The Technical Department at Umbelino Monteiro SA provides various detailed construction designs, to provide detailed clarification for the laying of the different models of Lusa, Marseilles and Canudo Roof Tiles, as well as some of the most common accessories and components used. 
You can download the different drawings in CAD format to complement your projects or to analyse each piece in detail. We also offer all the drawings in PDF format, so you can download or access them in a faster and more versatile way wherever you are.

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Reference Projects

Here you can learn about some of the reference projects, which have received the UMBELINO MONTEIRO seal.

Our Brands

Here you can get to know our brands for your project. Let yourself be inspired!